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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lily-of-the-Valley is an old-fashioned perennial that looks so delicate with its tiny bell shaped flowers. There is not anything delicate about this hardy shade-lover. Lily-of-the-Valley is a tough-as-nails perennial that will keep going after many others fail to thrive.

It is one of the few perennials that can grow in the deep shade of large trees and shrubs. Lily-of-the-Valley also makes a good choice in small contained spaces. In areas where temperatures remain cooler in summer, it can even take full sun. This hardy perennial isn’t very particular about the soil it’s planted in.

Lily-of-the-Valley can spread quickly by underground stems called rhizomes. Although each plant only has two or three wide and glossy leaves, it makes a beautiful ground cover in masses.

Even after the spring blooms fade, the leaves remain beautiful until fall and cover areas where other plants fail. The Lilly-of-the-Valley’s blooms are very fragrant. That’s just one more added benefit of this tough and reliable perennial.